PHOTOS: Disneyland cast members make magic with lost porg

More often than not when visiting a Disney Park, something gets lost. A balloon, a toy, or in this case, a porg.

Photos courtesy of the Disneyland Resort Line

This story comes from a cast member publication, the Disneyland Resort Line, in which two cast members make a little magic with a lost porg – sending it on a whirlwind park day before returning it to its owner.

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This is often done with lost toys at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and has caused many a social media post to go viral online.

Check out the original story below, written by Lisa Greathouse:

From sunglasses and hats to prosthetics and hubcaps, the Disneyland Resort Lost and Found team has seen it all.

So when someone turned in a lost plush porg to City Hall on June 25, Guest Relations Lead Fatima Gonzalez could have treated the Star Wars creature like any other item. Instead, she and Kelly Hegland, a Lost and Found trainer, decided to make some magic.


“We actually thought, what would a porg do at Disneyland?” Fatima chuckled. “We figured he may have been lost at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, so we thought he’d make his first stop at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and then head to Fantasyland.” The two, with porg in tow, mapped out his imagined journey and headed to several attractions, as well as Candy Palace and Mad Hatter. At each stop, they orchestrated photos with the help of cast members, who were more than happy to play along.


“I found a kindred spirit at Candy Palace, who – when I asked if she could take a photo from her side of the counter, showing the porg staring at the candy – said ‘of course!’ without asking any questions,” Kelly laughed. They even posed the porg getting directions from a Security cast member.


After returning to Lost and Found, they printed out the photos and wrote up a story about the porg’s adventures – just in time, too. The father of the little girl who lost the porg stopped by to inquire about the missing plush and found not only the porg, but a complete rundown of his quest to find his owner.


“As he read the story and looked at the pictures, his eyes started tearing up and he said, ‘My daughter is going to love this,’” said Fatima. “It’s little things like this that make all the difference.” And while Kelly was part of a similar experience with another Guest’s missing stuffed animal a couple of years ago, she said it was fun to make magic with a character that represents our newest land. Plus, she added, “Just look at that face!”


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