Super Nintendo World opening delayed; COVID-19 restrictions eased at Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World, the highly-anticipated expansion to Universal Studios Japan, has delayed its opening for the time being. On the other hand, due to safe practices, the park is widening its ticket availability and easing COVID-19 restrictions.

super nintendo world
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While we had thought that the opening for Super Nintendo World would be delayed, it took until Universal Studios Japan themselves said it for us to truly know. The plan now is to announce a new opening date later this fall. This does not mean that the land will open this fall, it simply means that Universal will let us know the new date at that time.

COVID-19 cases

Over in Japan, the number of COVID-19 cases is very low, especially when compared to the current numbers in the United States. Because of this, and the willingness of guests to listen to new social distancing and mask rules, the park has decided to ease off some regulations.

Universal Studios Japan has decided to now offer tickets sales to more regions, and eventually, to the entire country of Japan. The regions of Tokai, Hokuriku, Shikoku and Chugoku will be able to purchase tickets and visit the park starting July 10. The rest of Japan can visit as of July 20. Universal hopes that this increase of park capacity will help the regional tourism.

The park already had some mask-free zones, but they will be adding an additional indoor mask-free area sometime in July. The new location will be on the first floor of Lombard’s Landing restaurant in the San Francisco area.

Universal will also stop separating parties by empty rows on attractions. Instead, guests will be placed in every row like it was pre-quarantine closures. The park will continue to require masks for guests and provide ample amounts of hand sanitizer.

super nintendo world
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For now, we do not know when Super Nintendo World will open. We do know that the opening date will be announced sometime this fall. While pushing back the opening could be deemed a negative thing, there are a ton of perks to this.

This extra time will allow the Universal Creative teams and the construction crews ample time to work out any issues out on the attractions. It will also allow more time for COVID-19 to dissipate. This may allow a worldwide opening for the park instead of just opening to the country of Japan. For a land of this scale, surely Universal wants to invite guests from across the globe.


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