First-of-its-kind Haunted House Restaurant offers family-friendly frights

The Haunted House Restaurant is a loving homage to classic horror films,  particularly the ones of the 1980s and ‘90s, while still attempting to  curate a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

The host — or “goodwill ambassador,” as he’s officially called — is  seated behind a ticket-booth window nearby, flanked by movie posters of  “Scary Movie” and “It,” of course.

Once inside the restaurant proper, you’ll immediately spot a few  larger-than-life figurines in the corners, cobwebs entangling the bar,  film-reel lighting fixtures, and even more movie posters.

John L.

To further foster a fun atmosphere, there are a whole host of additional items that run throughout the weeK. 

on Tuesdays, a saxophonist walks around the venue, playing classic tunes

The icing on the festive cake comes in the form of trivia, which runs every Wednesday through Saturday, from 4-10 pm.

The studios have reached out to The Haunted House Restaurant, looking  to partner with them to help advertise to a ready-made fanbase 

John L.

But the real star of the Haunted House Restaurant show, of course, is the food. 

The menu, which consists of salads, burgers, pizza, and chicken, is your standard, for-the-whole-family affair.

Such theatrical presentations carry over into our two favorite elements  of the new restaurant. Costumed characters prowl the premises, stalking  guests and posing for pictures with them in equal measure.

John L.

John L.

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