Jungle Island animal park in Miami getting a redesign

The historic Jungle Island animal park in Miami, Fla. is getting a redesign, courtesy of IDEAS, an Orlando-based brand and experience design firm.

Originally opened as Parrot Junlge in 1936 in Pinecrest, Fla., the current Jungle Island park is situated between Downtown Miami and South Beach on Watson Island, adjacent to PortMiami’s cruise terminals.

As it undergoes its redesign, the park will embrace its lush island environment and integrate intimate animal experiences in order to create an “adventure oasis.

John L.

Zoological experts with histories crafting experiences at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens to help plan these unique encounters.

While ensuring natural and respectful interactions.

Additional plans for the animal park include a new water park and upscale resort that integrates into Jungle Island’s private bayside club at Joia Beach.

John L.

Jungle Island is expected to unveil this first phase of offerings in 2023.

Our team is excited to bring new life to a destination that has such a cherished legacy in South Florida. Nature provides a treasure trove of wondrous adventure stories, said Bob Allen, chief storytelling officer of IDEAS.

John L.

We can’t wait to reveal those tales to guests in unexpected ways that inspire discovery and deeper appreciation of the animal kingdom.

John L.

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