PHOTOS: Sneak peek at Hollywood’s Mazes for Halloween Horror Nights 2021

John Murdy, creative director of Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood, first took us to “The Haunting of Hill House” maze based on the hit Netflix series

When the process of designing the maze begins, he gets approximately 40,000 photos of reference material from the project’s location photographer. This massive amount of research allows for extreme amounts of details within the mazes.

One of Murdy’s favorite effects seen at Halloween Horror Nights is the disappearing room illusion done with the use of large scrims. When the scrim is lit from the front, it looks like an opaque wall. When lit from behind, you can see the performer and set pieces behind it.

John L.

Unlike the film and television mediums, which are typically made in a bubble, the haunt maze is sort of like a piece of theater, where the creators get to see their work in front of an audience.

Mike Flanagan is the producer, director and editor and writer of the story.

As mentioned, since this maze is designed to be a slow burn, a lot of the scares come toward the end. That works perfectly into Murdy’s plan of scaring the hell out of people, as he stated, “We’ve discovered that if you make the guest think ‘Oh, it’s over,’ that’s when they’re most vulnerable and the most fun to mess with.

After leaving Hill House, we ventured over to Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives maze, which is the continuation of something that started in 2018 — bringing the Universal Monsters to Halloween Horror Nights.

John L.

John L.

People ran out of the theater screaming the first time they saw ‘Frankenstein,'” said Murdy. “But the world has changed, so we do need to find a way to make it work for Horror Nights.

John L.

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