Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store at Universal Orlando has opened

Universal Orlando is almost ready to release 30 years of fear with Halloween Horror Nights 2021. But before that, we must take our first look at this year’s Tribute Store. This retail space has been used frequently over the last year, focusing on the Holidays, Mardi Gras and Jurassic World VelociCoaster. Now, it invites you to step inside to see the icons of Halloween Horror Nights past and find what awaits you in the fog.

Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store outdoor facade.
Photos by Connor Webber

The large outdoor facade is striking, and offers big first impression that continues throughout the store. With the full-scale Halloween Horror Nights being cancelled last year, the Universal Creative team is clearly coming back strong.

Carey, Ohio signage spotted in the Tribute Store.

Inside, the lore of Halloween Horror Nights lives on. The town of Carey, Ohio is well-established in Halloween Horror Nights past, and this year, it will be getting its own haunted house, titled Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland.

Wax collectible figurines, actually made of plastic.

As we have seen in past Tribute Stores, there are collectible figurines available. While they say wax figurine, Bioreconstruct on Twitter noted that they are actually made with plastic.

Jack and The Usher busts, with photos to match.

These busts are just two of the numerous HHN icons represented within the store. These icons will be getting their own haunted house as well, with Halloween Horror Nights Icons: Captured.

Speciality desserts, from chocolate, to cake to gummies.

Treat yourself with a sampling of the large selection of desserts, from the team member-favorite vegan brownie, to a Jack or Chance jar cake, or a Frankenstein cupcake. Seen on the right, there are two gummy options this year: the beating heart and the light-up brain.

Halloween Horror Nights 30 haunted house shirt.

Of course, the Tribute Store is a store, so Universal is also selling Halloween Horror Nights-specific merchandise. Are you one of the fans that grabs a new shirt each year with the house title graphics? Tell us about your first year ever going to the event in the comments below.

Hidden details inside the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store.

Fans of past events will want to keep an eye out for old props and memorabilia. The history of the event truly lives on inside this store.

Not too long ago, Universal was offering guests a spot in the Tribute Store, for a fee. If you were quick enough, you could buy a large or small spot in a vintage photograph that was to be hung up. @TheConnorWeb on Twitter found Tim and Jenn Tracker almost immediately.

Universal Orlando's Incredible New Halloween Horror Nights 30th Anniversary Tribute Store

Take a tour of the Tribute Store in the video above. Do you notice any other additional details? From this look, and the work ongoing for the scare zones in the park, it is clear that Universal is going all-out for this event.

All Hallows Eve Boutique – New Halloween Store Opens At Universal's Islands of Adventure Park

This year, the fears aren’t only being offered at Universal Studios Florida. The All Hallows Eve Boutique is also open at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, offering yet another way to celebrate the spooky season with fun hidden details and fall merchandise.

Don't worry, Universal made sure to represent the HHN Bear as well.

Thanks for “Bear-ing” with us for the whole article. And yes, in case you were wondering, the HHN Bear is well-represented.


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