Attractions Magazine has advertising opportunities for all ad sizes and budgets. Your ad will be seen by readers of all ages, from all over the world. We currently print and distribute thousands of copies of every issue, ensuring that your ad gets the exposure it deserves.

By advertising with Attractions Magazine you’ll be reaching two markets. You’ll reach theme park and attraction fans all over the United States and across the globe through subscriptions, and sales through the major book stores.

We also offer banner advertising on our Web site and advertising options in our free newsletter, which is e-mailed to thousands of attractions fans around the world.

Whether you run a local Orlando business, a theme park-related web site or have a product sold nationally, advertising in Attractions Magazine is your key to new customers.

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  • Artwork must be submitted electronically.
  • All fonts must be converted to outlines and/or embedded.
  • Art must be submitted as a PDF, EPS, Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop file.
  • Artwork must be saved at a resolution of at least 300 dpi with CMYK colors.
  • Bleeds must extend at least 1/4″ from page edge on all 4 sides.
  • No important text or graphics may appear within 1/4″ from the page edge.

Custom ad dimensions available upon request. Ad design available for an extra cost.