Resort World Las Vegas greets guests with robotic puppies

Resort World Las Vegas, the most technologically-advanced resort in the city, is now home to celebrities Sinatra, Stardust, and Elvis — this time in robotic puppy form.

When guests step into the lobby of the Conrad Las Vegas hotel, they will be greeted by Sinatra, Stardust, and Elvis, three AI-powered pups with lifelike, expressive appearances that beg for a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears.

“This collaboration with Aibo furthers our commitment to integrate technology across the resort and brings a special experience to our guests,” said Scott Sibella, president of Resorts World Las Vegas.

John L.

They have their own custom-built playpens, adding to the atmosphere of fun.

The newest incarnation of puppies were build using Sony’s latest cutting-edge technology, and feature hundreds of captivating combinations of eye, ear, and tail movements, as well as different vocal sounds.

A range of sensors and actuators make adaptable behavior possible, and the puppies will learn new behaviors through everyday interactions with guests.

John L.

Over time, they will develop their own unique personalities, thanks to Sony’s “deep learning AI technology.”

John L.

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