A closer look at the many weird fried foods at the Florida State Fair

After our look at the Florida State Fair last week, there was a lot of reader interest about the unusual fried foods available. What’s fried butter? What’s fried bubble gum?

So we returned this week to try more of the food, and also show you what’s inside.

We also have a video showing other flavors of the fair, including a couple of stunts from the Xtreme Sports Show.

Also some scenes from the lawnmower races – you’ll want to see this!

Here’s the video:

Weird Fried Foods and more at the Florida State Fair 2012

The food item I enjoyed the most this weekend was this enormous waffle-cheesecake combination. So good!

Not seen in the video but delicious are these yummy sweet potato fries.

Another treat not in the video are these excellent strawberry cheesecake tarts.

We also received comments about the sand sculpture in progress last weekend. Here’s an update.

Last week’s video also featured footage of the fair from the air, as seen from the Batcopter.

2012 Florida State Fair highlights - rides, foods, animals, crafts, rodeo

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