Get a Coca-Cola delivered to you by a robot at Alton Towers

by Brittani Tuttle

Getting refreshed during a long day at a theme park just got easier at Alton Towers Resort, as Coca-Cola is now piloting robots to deliver the iconic beverage to guests inside the park.

alton towers

During this unique trial, the robot will collect various Coca-Cola products from the park’s distribution center and deliver them to drink outlets across the park. The robot utilizes artificial intelligence to move around the thousands of guests visiting the park during its peak summer season.

“We are seeking out leading-edge technology start-ups and helping them to grow through access to expertise and the opportunity to test and retire their innovative solutions,” said Leendert Den Hollander, vice president and general manager at Coca-Cola European Partners. “By developing technology, solutions, and processes, we can improve the way we operate, to better serve our customers and consumers – now and in the future.”

alton towers

The robot travels at 3 miles per hour and can traverse distances of up to 50 kilometers (about 31 miles). It is equipped with GPS technology, along with sight, sound and motion sensors to help it navigate around people and objects. It can also use laser sensors to judge the distance to obstacles, which allows it to avoid any possible collisions.

If the trial proves successful, this software could be used with a variety of vehicles for various deliveries.

“Our business has been built on innovation so we’re thrilled to be hosting this trial. From developing ground-breaking roller coasters to exploring the best way to serve customers across our 500-acre site, we are always on the lookout for new ideas,” said Neil Crittenden, commercial director at Alton Towers Resort. “If the trial Is successful, there are many potential applications for this technology at Alton Towers. Who knows, in the future guests may be able to order drinks from the queue line to be delivered by robots when they finish a ride, or we could see automated room service deliveries across our 700 hotel rooms. The possibilities are huge.”

To learn more about Alton Towers Resort, visit AltonTowers.com.


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