‘Cars Route 66’ opening at Disneyland Paris in 2020

Disneyland Paris has officially announced that a new experience called “Cars Route 66” is coming to the resort in spring 2020.

cars route 66

Opening in Walt Disney Studios Park, this experience will have guests buckling up to join Lightning McQueen and Mater for a family road trip, where they’ll discover the natural and mechanical features of Route 66.

cars route 66

Disneyland Paris has not confirmed if this experience will replace part, if not all, of the Studio Tram Tour, but we expect that it will.

Stay tuned for more updates on Cars Route 66, and what it means for the future of the tram tour.

In the meantime, take a look at our video of the current Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic attraction below:

Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris

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  1. Unusual that there’s little hype about this yet. I can’t imagine it will be an ‘adrenaline filled’ thrill race.

    My Wife likes the Studio Tour. Personally, I think it’s in need of a very welcome overhaul. I tried to skip it on our last visit lol.

  2. Hi, I watched your videos on you tube, I was wondering as I am a big (plus girl) what are the ride seats like…..I don’t want to struggle

    Thank you xx