Chessington World of Adventures apologizes to neighbors for excessive screaming

Chessington World of Adventures Resort in the UK is apologizing to local residents in advance for the screams that are sure to come when the Mandrill Mayhem roller coaster opens as part of the new Jumanji-themed land at the Surrey theme park next month.

Chessington World of Adventures - Sorry Surrey campaign
Photos courtesy of Chessington World of Adventures

World of Jumanji opens on May 15, 2023, and will be home to Mandrill Mayhem – the world’s only Jumanji roller coaster – plus two additional rides and much more.

Chessington World of Adventures Mandrill Mayhem

In addition to issuing a pre-emptive apology to Surrey residents, Chessington has positioned “in case of excessive screaming, break glass” boxes containing ear protection across the county.

Chessington World of Adventures - Sorry Surrey campaign

A statement on the park’s website reads:

Dear Residents,

You’ve heard all sorts of noises coming from the Resort. Roaring tigers. Squawking parrots. Barking sea lions. But, this spring, as World of Jumanji opens, you’ll be subjected to the noisiest animals of all: children.

With inversions and turns, accelerations and reverses, and spiral after spiral, the new Mandrill Mayhem roller coaster means scream levels are expected to reach new heights as many children (and grown-ups) experience the thrill of being flipped upside down at 42miles an hour for the first time.

We are aware that your eardrums may need some protection, so we have placed emergency ear defenders around Surrey should the noise become too much.

We are sorry for any inconvenience people having the thrill of their life may cause, but you wouldn’t want to stop kids having fun now, would you?

Wild regards,

Chessington World of Adventures Resort

To further soften the blow, the theme park is offering locals the chance to win tickets to World of Jumanji by snapping a selfie with one of the emergency boxes and posting to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using #SorrySurrey. Click here for details.

Chessington World of Adventures - Sorry Surrey campaign

Click here for more information about visiting Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

Behind the Scenes at WORLD OF JUMANJI - Mandrill Mayhem

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  1. World of Jumanji sounds nightmarish! It’s not only the eardrums of Surrey residents which will need protection, but what about the animals in your care? Are you doing anything to shield them from this hideous cacophony, as their hearing is often keener and at a higher range than humans?