‘Cool’ new roller coaster announced for SeaWorld Orlando

by Matt Roseboom

What sounds like a bird, lives among the ice and snow and likes to dive? If you answered SeaWorld Orlando’s newest roller coaster for 2020, you’d be right.

SeaWorld released this video and a few clues to what their next roller coaster will be themed and the type of thrills you can expect.

New Roller Coaster Announced for SeaWorld Orlando

The bolded words in their press release are: Cool, #BreakTheIce, Flight, Predatory and Plunging. They also mention heights and thrills. Put these all together with the bird sounds in the video and we know it’ll be themed after a predatory bird who lives among the ice and snow and it will be pretty tall with a drop.

We did a search on Google for Arctic Birds and these came up:

birds of the arctic

If it’s one of these, we’d say it’s the falcon. It does sound like a falcon to us. Rumors say it’ll be located behind Mango Joe’s restaurant, near the lake and that it’ll be a launch coaster. But for now, we’ll just have to wait until SeaWorld thaws more news to find out more.


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