CSI: The Experience opening on I-Drive in Orlando

A new exhibition called “CSI: The Experience” is coming to Orlando on March 20, 2012. It will be located at the brand new 7220 Exhibition and Event Center on International Drive.

CSI: The Experience is a traveling exhibition that combines the entertainment of the hit show with real-life scientific and investigative techniques. It will come to life in a 12,000 square feet multimedia environment featuring thousands of handmade props, special effects, crime scene recreations and state-of-the-art crime labs.

Guests will be able to play the role of crime scene investigators and solve multiple mysteries. The hands-on exhibit includes everything from DNA and blood splatter analyses, to forensic anthropology and toxicology.

The exhibit will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The price is $19.95 for adults and $12.95 for children 5-12. It will take place in the brand new 22,000 square foot building located at 7220 International Drive, near the Titanic Experience. For further information visit www.7220IDrive.com and www.csiexhibit.com.


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  1. hi i would like to know about the csi experiance if u would like to email me bACK I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT thanxs

  2. Csi Experience was really fun and exciting!!! The staff was really nice and welcoming and they were walking around constantly to see if we needed help with anything. Defiintely will come back in the near future.

  3. Good exhibit although easy but computers did not work at the end and getting the diploma from their terrible customer service was a nightmare. Save yourself the aggravation and go to titanic instead! That was awesome.

  4. It is one of the best attractions in Florida. I know because I’ve been to most of them.
    The problem I see for them is going to have a reason for me to return, as I have worked on and solved all present cases, and no one seems to know when they will have more!

  5. This looks like awesome fun! Is it slated to be in the Northern US at anytime? There’s CSI fans here in North Dakota too! Thanks!

  6. Went today It was interesting but it is not really hands on and not a lot of options. It pretty much gives you the answers. It is also hard to figure out where you are supposed to go next. People just roam around lost. It is worth 10.00 but not 20 a person. Dont do crime scene 3 it is awful and the crime scene is not good. If they would spend just a little more on the exhibit it could be really nice. Not for small children at all!!!!!!

  7. Wow. Thanks for the reviews! We were considering going with our Girl Scouts, but after reading the reviews I’m not so sure. Even though we’d get a discount with GS ($10/person), I’m still not sure I’d want to do this if it’s not that hands-on and is a little confusing/frustrating. Plus, we’re only gonna get 3 hours so if it’s that confusing, I wonder if we’ll be able to do them all in 3hrs. Guess I’ll save myself the $$$ and aggravation!

    To answer an above post: this is I guess a “traveling” exhibit…which means they don’t really expect you to come back because when they’re done featuring it in Orlando, they’ll move it elsewhere.

  8. I just saw the billboard today for this as I was driving home on I4. I participated in the CSI Experience in Las Vegas last year. It was such great fun that I wish we had done more than one crime scene, but time did not permit. I look forward to doing them all now that it is closer to me. If you’re a fan of the show and of science, you will love this exhibit.

  9. We went there today and our verdict is it’s not worth it, both in terms of money and time. It doesn’t take very long to “solve”. The woman with long brown hair, who is always sitting down and texting on her mobile phone, is very rude and knows nothing about customer service, which is highly unusual for the USA. There are even mistakes on the boards-eg one sentence was mistakenly repeated. How can they miss that in a place that is supposed to be all about focussing on the detail? When we pointed it out to the only nice employee, the others being too busy texting/going on Facebook, or whatever else they’re doing on their mobile phone, or too grumpy to bother, she just replied that it wasn’t very good, was it. Er, no. In short, don’t bother with this place-it’s a rip-off joint where they try to push you to spend even more money(eg photo, printed “diploma”) & it’s staffed (mostly) by people whose service skills leave much to be desired!