D23’s Fanniversary celebrates various Disney classics, from films to attractions and more

D23 Fanniversary event 2013 Orlando

Even if you’re a huge Disney fan, you’ll inevitably learn a few new facts at D23’s Fanniversary events, on tour now. This year’s event, the second for this now annual event, celebrates 2013’s Disney anniversaries.

Most Disney fans have a main interest in a particular part of the company, for us it’s the theme parks. But D23’s Fanniversary events cover the 2013 anniversaries of everything from Epcot’s Horizons, and the launch of The Disney Channel, to Chip ‘n’ Dale and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, plus much more. Although certainly a part of Disney’s history, the event doesn’t usually cover things like ABC television shows or ESPN. They also mostly concentrate on anniversaries 10 year and older.

Each event is lead by a couple of Disney archivists and/or D23 team members. It’s more than an hour of Disney videos, photos, songs and more, many never seen by the public before or since they first aired. No photos, videos or audio recording is allowed, so the only way to experience these things is to attend yourself, or talk to an attendee with a very good memory. But there’s so much packed into this event that you’ll never be able to recall it all. But you’ll certainly remember your favorites.

Since different Disney attractions, characters, movies, etc. have different anniversaries each year, you won’t want to miss a year. Unfortunately many of this year’s events are already sold out, so be prepared to buy your tickets to next year’s event as soon as you hear they’re on sale.

Only this year’s Boston (March 24 ) and Seattle (April 5 ) events are still available. Click Here for tickets and more information.


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