Disaster! Grand Opening – Video and Photos

Today marked the official grand opening of Disaster! A Major Motion Picture – Starring You! at Universal Studios Orlando. Disaster! replaces Earthquake, which had been open since the park’s opening in 1990. The grand opening kicked off with a big bang, literally ignited by a family selected from the crowd. Emerging from the dust and rubble was none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who plays a role in the new attraction.

Disaster! takes all of your favorite elements from Earthquake, namely the earthquake scene on the subway, complete with fire and a flood, and adds a brand new, technology-filled pre-show starring a very lifelike Christopher Walken amongst other entertainment.

We have complete coverage of this grand opening including a 10-minute video of the whole ceremony, along with a sampling of part of the pre-show and ride. The video also includes brief interviews with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mark Woodbury of Universal Creative, and Universal Orlando President Bill Davis.

A high-quality video download is available on our videos page.

Or you can watch a low-quality stream:

Pictures from the grand opening of Disaster! are also available in our photo gallery.

Be sure to check out the Feb. / March 2008 issue of Orlando Attractions Magazine for a complete article on Disaster! detailing the technical achievements and upgrades that were added during the change from the former Earthquake attraction.


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