Disney Wish, deck by deck, a guide to getting around the newest Disney Cruise Line ship

The Disney Wish is Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship. A lot of the ship is similar to the four other Disney ships, but the layout of the ship is not. Here are deck by deck maps of the ship’s layout, taken directly from the directory signage posted on each deck near the elevators, to help you know your way around before you set sail.

Disney Wish Senses Spa sun deck and hidden mickey.

Disney Wish Deck 1

Disney Wish Deck 1 map

You’ll visit Deck 1 to get off the ship at Castaway Cay, and other stops. Hopefully you won’t need to visit the Health Center, but it’s there if you need it.

Disney Wish Deck 2

Disney Wish Deck 2 map

There are a few staterooms on this level, but this is mostly where you’ll visit the Oceaneer Club, which includes Marvel, Star Wars Cargo Bay, and the Imagineering Lab rooms. It’s a Small World Nursery is here, too. There are a slide and stairs from the Grand Hall down to Deck Two. Part of the Walt Disney Theater is on this level, but it’s only for guests in wheelchairs to access the show floor.

Disney Wish Deck 3

Disney Wish Deck 3 map

Deck Three is the bottom floor of the Grand Hall, and where you’ll first enter the ship. Towards the back of the ship, or to your direct left as you first enter the ship, is the 1923 restaurant. It has two sides, the Walt and Roy. On the other side of the stage is the “Princess and the Frog”-themed The Bayou lounge. Next to is is the entrance to the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge. You’ll also find a lot of high-end stores on this level, and the piano bar called Nightingales. This floor is also the main entrance to the Walt Disney Theater.

Disney Wish Deck 4

Disney Wish Deck 4 map

Starting from the back of the ship, Deck Four is where you’ll find the Worlds of Marvel restaurant, Hooks Barbery, the Untangled Salon, and the Bibbidi Bobbed Boutique. The Wishing Star Cafe is also near here. On either side of the Grand Hall are a Disney Vacation Club area, as well as guest services and Port Adventures excursion desk. The Luna multi-space theater is near the forward elevators, along with the Never Land and Wonderland Cinemas. The balcony of the Walt Disney Theater can be accessed on this deck as well. You can also go outside on either side of the ship on this deck.

Disney Wish Deck 5

Disney Wish Deck 5 map

Deck five is the top of the Grand Hall. Starting from the aft, this is where you’ll find the Arendell restaurant, the Edge kids area for those ages 11 to 14, a Disney Vacation Club lounge area, Shutters Portrait Studio and kiosks, Mickey’s Mainsail store. Enchanted Sword Cafe and a future cruise planning area are off the Grand Hall. Further towards the front of the ship is Triton Lounge, the balcony of the Luna theater, and Senses Spa and Fitness rooms. You can also go outside on this level and access the very front of the ship.

Disney Wish Deck 6

Disney Wish Deck 6 map

Deck Six is all staterooms, except for the very front of the ship, which has an outside deck, but you access it from Deck Five.

Disney Wish Deck 7

Disney Wish Deck 7 map

Deck Seven is all staterooms.

Disney Wish Deck 8

Disney Wish Deck 8 map

Deck Eight is all staterooms, except for the Fairytale Fresh Laundry room.

Disney Wish Deck 9

Disney Wish Deck 9 map

Deck Nine is all staterooms.

Disney Wish Deck 10

Disney Wish Deck 10 map

Deck Ten is all staterooms.

Disney Wish Deck 11

Disney Wish Deck 11 map

Deck Eleven is where you come for outdoor fun and food. The very front of the ship is where you’ll find some staterooms. On the back of the ship is the indoor Marceline Market buffet area. Just outside of it is Inside Out: Joyful Sweets and Dory’s Forget-Me-Knots store. From there, you’re outside on the main deck, where you’ll find all the pools. On the other side of the stage is Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods.

Disney Wish Deck 12

Disney Wish Deck 12 map

Deck Twelve has concierge level staterooms and the Concierge Lounge at the front. On deck you’ll find Wheezy’s Freezies, Trixie’s Falls, The Toy Story Splash Zone, Slide-a-Saurus Rex, and a couple more pools. Inside in the aft you’ll find the Vide teens area, The Hideaway, and Hero Zone. This level is also where the extra-charge specialty restaurants are located. You’ll pass through The Rose lounge to get to Palo Steakhouse and Enchante.

Disney Wish Deck 13

Disney Wish Deck 13 map

The front of Deck 13 includes concierge staterooms and the Concierge Sun Deck. The back is where you’ll ride the Aquamouse, tan on the 18-and-over Sun Deck, relax in the Quite Cove Whirlpool, visit the balcony of the Hero Zone, and find the Cove Bar, Cove Cafe coffee shop, and the infinity Quite Cove Pool.

Disney Wish Deck 14

Disney Wish Deck 14 map

Deck Fourteen is where the lucky person staying in the funnel suite will be, but they enter from a lower deck. At the very front you’ll find the Chip ‘n Dale Pool and Currents outdoor bar.

Now that you have familiarized yourself, here’s a video walk-through of most of the main decks.

Disney Wish Walkthrough - Deck-By-Deck on the Newest Disney Cruise Line Ship

Be sure to visit our YouTube Channel playlist for all out videos of the Disney Wish.


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