Disneyland Paris to get a brand new multi-level McDonald’s

If you’ve visited Disney Village at Disneyland Paris, you’re probably stopped into McDonald’s restaurant at some point. The restaurant is so popular there, in a couple of years, you’ll see a brand new major McDonald’s replace it.

Artist concept of the new multi-level McDonald’s restaurant coming to Disney Village at Disneyland Paris.

Disney Village is the shopping and dining area you pass through on your way to the Disneyland Paris theme parks. It’s currently under a multi-year transformation. As part of that transformation, guests are getting a new huge multi-level McDonald’s with indoor and outdoor seating in early 2026.

The current McDonald‘s, which opened in 1999, will continue to operate while the new one is under construction. The new one will be next to the current one. Construction on the new restaurant will begin in September 2024.

McDonald’s at Disneyland Paris in 2015.

The new McDonald’s restaurant features an innovative architecture designed exclusively for Disneyland Paris. Watch our website for more details in the future.

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