Disney’s Fantasmic Operations Cast Members recreate classic show!

Coming to you virtually from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a recreation of the classic Fantasmic show! This fun-filled recreation was done by Disney operations cast members last fall. These cast members have seen the show hundreds of times and decided to take it into their own hands.

It takes a huge cast to make a show such as Fantasmic come to life each and every night. From pyro-team technicians to performers, custodial cast to management, this whole show takes a lot to run smoothly. A major element is the operations team that helps guests find seating, validate Fastpass+, organize sections and get the crowd hyped up for the show.

Fantasmic show at Disney's Hollywood Studios - recreated by Disney College Program Participants

A group of Fall 2019 College Program Operations cast members decided they wanted to remake their nightly favorite in their own home. Thanks to the show audio, homemade costumes and some imagination, Fantasmic was brought to life.

Keep an eye out for small details that you might only catch if you have seen the real show numerous times. (I was waiting for that final Ariel scene and it was perfect.)

Another example of cast members remaking scenes is this post by the official Disneyland Cast and Community Instagram page.


Cast members at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland California worked together to do the #BenSoloChallenge in their own way.

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