Dream Island theme park opening in Russia with Hello Kitty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed lands

by Brittani Tuttle

Europe’s largest indoor theme park, Dream Island, is set to open in Moscow, Russia next month.

dream island

On Feb. 29, Dream Island will open its doors to guests with nine themed lands to explore: “Mowgli in Dino land,” “Snow Queen’s Castle,” “Fairy Tale Village,” “Dream Race,” “Haunted House,” The Smurfs Village,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Hello Kitty,” and “Hotel Transylvania.” Guests will be able to enjoy 35 attractions, including 27 extreme, family, and children’s rides.

mowgli in dino land

“Our project is to become a significant development driver of city infrastructure, one of the main leisure spaces for visitors of all ages and a world-level touristic attraction,” said Amiran Mutsoev, chairman of the Board of Directors of Dream Island. “But more importantly, Dream Island is the park of big motions, where it is possible to forget about reality and immerse into favorite magical worlds.”

dream island

Dream Island will host nine meet-and-greets on a daily basis. Twenty-seven characters from Russian and international animation will meet guests, take photos, sign autographs, and offer plenty of hugs. There will also be shows featuring the characters.


There will be 20 cafes, restaurants, and food carts in the park, with each one themed to the land in which they’re located. Guests will be able to try the Ninja Turtles’ favorite pizza, the Smurfs’ cotton candy, visit the Hello Kitty Café for dessert, and more.

dream island

Dream Island will also feature a covered area called the City Promenade, with four streets inspired by London, Rome, Barcelona, and Beverly Hills. These streets will lead to the central atrium named Moscow, covered by the largest glass dome in Europe. Here, guests will find a double-level Venetian carousel, a pond, and a café with open verandas surrounded by trees. City Promenade will be free for guests to access.

In the spring, Dream Island will offer guests a landscape park that faces the Moskva River. There, guests will find workout zones, recreation areas for quiet relaxation, playgrounds for kids, promenade zones and exhibition alleys, landscape compositions, fountains, an artificial 300-meter pond, a dance floor, an open theater, food stations, and restaurants. A road-trail network will be organized for active walks and cycling.

city promenade

The area around the park will be further developed in the future to include a four-star hotel, a yacht school for children, a cruise port, and a concert hall.

To learn more about Dream Island, visit DreamIsland.ru.


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