Men In Black agents wanted! DreamScape brings VR ‘Men In Black: First Assignment’ to Westfield Century City

“Men In Black: First Assignment” is DreamScape’s newest immersive virtual reality experience, plunging participants into the world of agents, aliens, and Octopoids.

Men In Black First Assignment

The Men In Black have a challenging assignment, and they’re calling on new recruits to help save the world. Ready to join up? Head to Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles, Calif., for the ultimate test of your alien-battling skills.

“Almost 25 years after the Men In Black first saved the planet from destructions, it’s incredibly exciting to welcome a new class of elite government agents to continue to story at DreamScape,” said Walter Parkes, co-founder and CEO of DreamScape, and executive producer of the MIB film franchise. “This experience fully immerses fans in an iconic cinematic world — making them the star of their own intergalactic adventure.”

Working in groups of up to six, recruits will enter MIB headquarters, previously hidden from public view, and, if they accept their first assignment, they’ll don the agents’ iconic black suit, swap their sunglasses for a VR headset, and dive headlong into a 35-minute, adrenaline-pumping mission.

Through DreamScape’s virtual reality technology, agents will free-fly on intergalactic hoverbikes as they work together to vanquish evil Octopoid invaders.

Men In Black First Assignment VR experience

These tentacled intergalactic interlopers have threatened the Zarthanian royal family, holders of the key to galactic peace. Will your team of agents defeat them and find your way back to the MIB home base? The fate of the universe is in your hands!

Jake Zim, senior vice president, virtual reality for Sony Pictures Entertainment summed it up: “Location-based VR is an important part of Sony Pictures Virtual Reality’s strategy to grow our brands and expand them to new audiences. Working with DreamScape provides us with the unique opportunity to transport people into the immersive world of Men In Black and bring the magic of the franchise to longtime fans and new audiences alike.”

DreamScape guests can take part in other adventures, too, including a journey to a space-based wildlife refuge filled with endangered cosmic creatures in “Alien Zoo”; the search for treasure in “Curse of the Lost Pearl: A Magic Projector Adventure”; and taking a ride on a flying dragon in “DreamWorks Dragons: Flight Academy.”

The popular VR experience, “The Blu: Deep Rescue,” will conclude its adventures at Westfield Century City mall on Sept. 26.

 “Men In Black: First Assignment” will open at the Westfield Century City Mall on Oct. 1, and will find its way to other DreamScape locations soon. Tickets are now available.

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