InvadR – First-ever wooden roller coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg now open

vikings at invadr roller coaster opening
The InvadR roller coaster opening was invaded by vikings! Photo by Kristen Keys.

By Kristen Keys

The vikings have invaded and the battle has begun at Busch Gardens Williamsburg for its newest roller coaster, InvadR!

InvadR is the first-ever wooden roller coaster for this theme park. The brand new coaster has nine airtime hills with speeds reaching up to 48 mph. It includes two tunnels and a 74-foot drop that may make you yell out a great battle cry. This coaster is one for the whole family to ride with one of the lowest height requirements at only 46 inches.

The ride was opened up by Busch Gardens President David Cromwell, whose speech was interrupted vikings pouring out from both sides, led by Magnus The Red. “It is a day for the brave! A day for the bold! It is a day for the Vikings!” Magnus declared during the “invasion.” He then led anxious and excited fans to the beginning of the queue where the battle awaited. From the very beginning this ride has been all about the fans. Busch Gardens had them vote on a name and logo. The invading group included members of Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula; Fenvald Vikings living history group of Virginia Beach; and select fans who voted online.

This ride is now open. It’s the park’s eighth roller coaster, and is located in New France village area of the park. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or call (757) 229-4386.

Here’s a look at the opening ceremony:

InvadR Opening Ceremony at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Take a ride:

InvadR wooden coaster POV at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Be sure to watch an upcoming episode of “Attractions Magazine – The Show” for more from the InvadR opening day.


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