Fun Spot America purchases Fun Junction USA near Atlanta

Fun Junction USA Fun Spot Atlanta
Fun Spot America is turning Atlanta’s Fun Junction USA into their first park outside Orlando.

Fun Junction USA, a small family amusement park in Fayetteville, Georgia, has been purchased by new Orlando-based owners and will become Fun Spot Atlanta, the first Fun Spot America park outside of Central Florida.

Located south of Atlanta, Fun Junction USA (formerly known as Dixieland Fun Park) has been an family-run attraction for over 30 years. The facility features go-karts, carnival rides, a small roller coaster, and three miniature golf courses. It currently operates on a pay-per-ride model with free admission, similar to the two Fun Spot America locations in Central Florida.

In a posting on the official Fun Spot America Facebook Page, the company said, “This our first Fun Spot America park outside of Florida and we are excited to be adding this great park to our family. We look forward to what the future brings to us and this would not be possible if it was not for our incredible TEAM of employees and our guests and fans who can only be described as AMAZING!”

“We are excited to be expanding our brand outside the state of Florida. Atlanta and Fayetteville has a lot of exciting opportunities that we plan to capitalize on,” said Fun Spot CEO John Arie Jr. “Fun Junction USA and Fun Spot America together are striving to be the #BestFamilyParksEver!”

Employees from the Orlando parks are now assuming management roles at the Fayetteville location, and Fun Spot representatives told Fun Junction USA staff that they will be rolling out changes and upgrades over the next few years, starting with immediate pay and hiring incentives, and special discounts for the Fourth of July holiday. Fun Spot branding at the Georgia location may not roll out until next spring, but Fun Spot CEO John Arie Jr. hinted at a new roller coaster or other major ride for the future.

For more “safe clean fun” from Fun Spot, check out these videos of the new Mine Blower coaster at their Kissimmee location:

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Mine Blower Wooden Roller Coaster Front Row POV Fun Spot America Kissimmee
360 VR Ride on Mine Blower wooden roller coaster at Fun Spot America

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  1. Looking forward to visiting this all New Fun Spot since our family has been enjoying this location since it was known as Dixieland! Great location and near the Fayetteville Pavillion and great Restaurants! Have an exciting time with adults as well as children!