Gotham City could be Warner Bros. World’s most sinister land

Gotham City is an urban landscape filled with treacherous lawlessness, and home to some of the world’s darkest super-villains, with only Batman — and you — on hand to save the day. Take on the Joker, the Riddler, Harley Quinn, and more at Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest indoor theme park.

Gotham City Abu Dhabi

Gotham City revels in its reputation as the most sinister of the six themed lands at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, with thrilling high-tech rides and attractions, immersive experiences, and thrilling shows inspired by DC’s comic book characters and movies.

Bat Man Night Flight

Gotham City’s newest test pilots (that’s you) enter Wayne Tech headquarters through a secret panel, then hop aboard a flying Batwing urban patrol vehicle at Batman: Knight Flight and help the Caped Crusader vanquish evil. This high-tech simulator ride with special effects features dramatic climbs, drops, spins, and rolls, making it Warner Bros. World’s signature attraction.

The Riddler Revolution pits riders against the puzzle-obsessed Super Villain onboard a rocking, spinning roller coaster; while The Joker’s Funhouse adds to the mania with a villainous twist on classic carnival attractions, including a hall of mirrors, shrinking corridor, a disorienting labyrinth, a hallucination hallway, and other mind-boggling challenges.

Gotham City Joker's Funhouse

Put your skills to the test at Rogues Gallery Games’ Hi-Striker, Whac-A-Bat, Toxic Blast and Bazooka Blast, and Get-Away Car. Even the youngest visitors can be Super Heroes here, and help return Gotham Pier to its rightful place as a peaceful landmark within the city.

All that villain vanquishing takes energy, and hungry avengers will find plenty to keep them satisfied at Gotham City’s Finest, the dining spot favored by the police force. Create your own salad or sandwich, or go for classic quick-service dishes.

Hidden in an abandoned subway station, The Hall of Doom appeals to those with a more lawless side. Choose from Asian curries and other world cuisines at this antihero-inspired dinner service, set amid the opulent splendor of a yesteryear train station.

The Riddler

Mr. Freeze Ice Scream Truck, located in the heart of Gotham City’s industrial zone, carries frozen desserts for the ultimate brain-freeze treat.

Monarch Theater Gifts dishes up popcorn, candy, and mementos, while gourmet candy store, Harlequin Confections by Harley Quinn, goes for the sweet tooth and the super sour in collectible tins and boxes.

Gotham City character Harley Quinn

At the end of your crime-fighting day, take home a remembrance from DC Super Heroes Store, chock-full of licensed DC merchandise, or visit the Park Row Pawn Shop, where Wayne Tech prop replicas and the “salvaged wreckage from Super Hero battles” can be yours.

Cat’s Eye Jewelry sparkles with costume jewelry sure to catch the eye of any aspiring cat burglar, while Cobblepot Formal Wear decks out dapper gentlemen with a selection of black-and-white fashions from the collection of Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. the Penguin.

Gotham City is one of six lands at Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit


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