Gwazi wooden coaster at Busch Gardens reopens with a smoother ride

By Don Gworek

Gwazi, the dueling wooden roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay reopened this past Saturday with new “Millenium Flyer” trains. The coaster has long been known as giving a rough ride, but with the new vehicles built by the original manufacturer, Great Coasters International, the ride is now a lot smoother.

The new trains are similar to those of a century ago. They are more open air and more comfortable to ride. To me, the change that makes the ride more enjoyable is the lapbar.

These coupons were distributed as you exited Gwazi on opening day.

American Coaster Enthusiast (ACE) and Florida Coaster Club members who visited on Jan. 22 were able to get a free ride photo if they wore a club shirt. Those wearing a Gwazi shirt were also offered a free photo.

Unfortunately, Gwazi experienced technical problems with its ride photo system that day. Guests were directed to get a free ride photo at Sheikra instead.

Here’s a video from contributor Banks Lee with a look at the new Gwazi trains and interviews with Busch Gardens, Great Coasters International and ACE officials:

Gwazi wooden roller coaster gets new Millennium Flyer trains at Busch Gardens


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