Hershey park to open Hershey Triple Tower drop rides in 2017

by Banks Lee

hersheypark hershey triple tower drop

Hersheypark in Hershey, Penn. has announced its newest attraction, Hershey Triple Tower, slated to debut for the 2017 Springtime In The Park event.

The new attraction is comprised of three drop towers of different heights: Hershey’s Tower, Reese’s Tower and Hershey’s Kisses Tower. Hersheypark will be the first amusement facility in the country with three towers at different heights. Each tower provides a different ride experience with varying heights, thrill levels and speeds.

“Hersheypark is well-known for providing guests with rides and attractions that the entire family can enjoy and this new ride is sure to deliver,” said Kevin Stumpf, general manager Attractions & Entertainment. “We are happy to be adding this new attraction that will offer families the opportunity to choose their level of thrill and enjoy panoramic views of the Park.”

At a height of 80 feet, Hershey’s Kisses Tower will have three seats on each of its four sides allowing for 12 riders on each ride. The ride will be themed in silver, the color of the famous Hershey’s Kisses brand.

At a height of 131 feet, Reese’s Tower will have four seats on each of its four sides allowing for 16 riders on each ride. The ride will be themed in orange, the color of the famous Reese’s candy brand.

Both Hershey’s Kisses Tower and Reese’s Tower are “double shot” towers which offer two cycles of positive and negative G-force experiences. A “double shot” tower rapidly propels riders up to the top of the tower and then gently lowers them down, with a series of air-cushioned bounces, to the loading platform.

Reaching 189 feet above Hersheypark, Hershey’s Tower will offer 20 seats in the round. Themed in the chocolate brown color of the famous Hershey’s Bar wrapper, this tower will be able to offer a variety of experiences for riders. Two of the available options include “space shot,” where riders are rapidly propelled to the top of the tower; and “turbo drop,” where riders are blasted down the tower at speeds faster than a typical freefall.

Hershey Triple Tower will be located in the Kissing Tower Hill section of the Park. Each of the three towers will operate independently, launching at different times, with independent queue lines.

The maximum speed for all three towers is 45 mph and the ride braking system combines pneumatic braking with launch systems. The restraint system features an over the shoulder harness. Theoretical ride capacity is approximately 1,400 riders per hour and the minimum height required for all three towers is 48 inches or the Hershey’s Bar category.

hersheypark chick-fil-a

Also announced is the addition of a Chick-fil-A Express restaurant to Hersheypark for 2017. The new restaurant will offer a limited menu, including breakfast options, and will also feature both indoor and outdoor seating for guests. Hersheypark Season Pass Holders will also receive food and beverage discounts at the new restaurant.

For information about the new Hershey Triple Tower, 2017 Hersheypark Season Passes and more, visit Hersheypark.com.


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