Holy Land Experience debuts updated shows and exhibits

Holy land experience updated exhibits shows

Updated exhibits and shows have risen at Orlando’s Holy Land Experience.

The Holy Land Experience, Orlando’s only Bible-themed attraction, has announced the completion of a series of renovations and updates to its shows and exhibits.

Park manager Mike Everett said that staff has updated the entire facility to create an “authentic and welcoming” atmosphere. “Everything from architecture to landscaping, atmosphere, characters, and stage productions have been updated to give our friends and guests an unforgettable journey back to biblical Israel, with its unique culture and traditions,” Mr. Everett said.

Among the park’s updates are a newly renovated authentic Jerusalem marketplace, where guests are introduced to biblical characters they’ll encounter throughout their day at Holy Land Experience.

IMG_4381 Golgotha

Guests will also experience updated versions of the park’s interactive exhibits, including:

• The Dead Sea Qumran Caves, a re-creation of the place where many ancient Bible manuscripts were discovered. The exhibit includes a replica of the Upper Room in Jerusalem, where guests can participate in a Last Supper Communion with Jesus and His disciples.

• The Wilderness Tabernacle, the heart of worship for the children of Israel after their exodus from Egypt. This exhibit takes guests on a journey through Israel’s ancient priesthood, culminating with a depiction of God’s glory revealed above the Ark of the Covenant.

• The Great Temple, a representation of the Jewish holy place that once stood on Mount Moriah in First Century Jerusalem.

• Golgotha, a recreation of the place in biblical Israel where Jesus Christ was crucified and died. Built in part with stones collected from the countryside surrounding Jerusalem, this exhibit is built atop another Holy Land Experience site, the recreation of the biblical Garden Tomb, where the body of Jesus was laid after His crucifixion. A guided tour by the park’s presenters is offered.

• The Scriptorium, a combination museum, library, and research center that holds a collection of manuscripts, scrolls, biblical antiquities, and artifacts. The presentations that accompany the exhibits offer visitors a close-up view of Bible and Church history.

In addition, the park has updated its Smile of a Child Adventure Land, where younger guests can clamber on safe rock-climbing walls, play an round of mini-golf featuring Bible characters, have their faces painted, and enjoy an inspirational Bible story.

IMG_4938 Praise and Worship

The Holy Land Experience team has also updated the theatrical productions performed live in the park’s 2,000-seat, state-of-the-art Church of All Nations auditorium. “Guests from all over the world have always enjoyed our award-winning productions,” said Mr. Everett. “And our in-house creative team has pulled out all the stops to update our most popular productions, and to roll out some new shows.”

Among the additions are an all-new edition of Holy Land Experience’s award-winning flagship production The Passion — now entitled The Promise — along with a colorful show called Lost and Found Agency, just for kids and the young at heart.

Mr. Everett concluded, “We are thrilled with the park’s fresh new look, and look forward to welcoming individuals, families, and groups from all over the nation and world,” he said. “As always, our goal is to see people refreshed and blessed with every visit they make to Holy Land Experience.”


For more about the Holy Land Experience, visit holylandexperience.com, and watch this classic 2009 video for a reminder of what the park used to look like:


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PJ August 18, 2016 - 2:17 am

I don’t understand. A lot of the things they mention were already there and have been for years.


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