Indoor skydiving can seem even more like real skydiving with the help of VR

Experience real-life skydiving with the help of virtual reality at iFLY.

iFLY, the world’s largest indoor skydiving operator, has announced the introduction of a virtual reality (VR) experience to their current flight offerings.

Guests will experience near-real-life skydiving sights in some of the world’s most beautiful places, like Southern California, Switzerland, Hawaii and Dubai, without ever setting foot in or jumping out of an airplane.

The iFLY Virtual Reality Flight Experience is available at 28 iFLY tunnels across the U.S. Fliers will feel a new burst of adrenaline as they see themselves jump from a plane into a hyper-realistic free-falling experience, thanks to a state-of-the-art VR helmet and headset.

This new experience utilizes the Samsung Gear VR headset to fully immerse guests.

This experience uses a first-of-its-kind VR technology application, powered by Samsung Gear VR headsets and iFLY’s wind tunnel technology, which allows participants to experience the thrill of skydiving from the perspective of a professional in a controlled environment.

“The idea of a virtual reality flight experience has been a dream of the iFLY brand for more than two decades, but the technology wasn’t there,” said Dave Kirchhoff, CEO of iFLY. “VR headsets are nothing new, and it’s something many of us have all experienced at a trade show or event, but nobody is applying VR technology to real-life scenarios like this. We are truly pushing boundaries to make this iFLY experience one-of-a-kind by making the dream of flight more tangible and more real than ever before.”

All participating flyers must complete iFLY’s pre-flight training course, and participate in several training flights before they head into the VR experience. The iFLY Virtual Reality Flight Experience is available to individuals ages 8 and up.

To learn more about this new experience, and for scheduling at your local tunnel, visit


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