Inside Look returns to SeaWorld San Diego with focus on baby animals

Inside Look, where guests can get an intimate look at animal care, is back at SeaWorld San Diego – this time, with experiences focused on animal babies.

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Guests will get a chance to visit Dolphin Amphitheater; the park’s flamingo habitat; Otter Outlook and more; as well as attend a new lecture series with presentations by Chris Fischer, OCEARCH Expedition Leader and Shark Tracker, and SeaWorld Rescue Team Member Jody Westberg.

seaworld san diego

These experiences are included with park admission, and guests who visit all six areas and have their Explorer’s Guide stamped can collect a 2019 dolphin-themed Expert Explorer pin.

seaworld san diego

Check out the dates and available experiences for Inside Look below:

Inside Look (June 1-2 and 8-9, 2019)

  • Orca Encounter Amphitheater – Guests can view past successful whale births on the Infinity screen at Orca Encounter amphitheater, as well as see their development and learn about each whale in SeaWorld’s care. You might even see SeaWorld San Diego’s juvenile whales, Makani (6-year-old male) and Amaya (4-year-old female).
  • Dolphin Amphitheater – Guests can learn about the mother-and-calf dolphin pairs who live at the park, including Breaker with her calves Avalon and Captain, Malibu and her calf Kali, or even SeaWorld San Diego’s youngest dolphin calf, Blue, and her mom Melanie.
  • Sea Lion & Otter Amphitheater – Guests can learn how the training process begins for young sea lions, as well as a chance to view one of the park’s new additions.
  • Otter Outlook – Listen and learn how SeaWorld’s behaviorists help raise a sea otter pup, get an up-close view of adult sea otters, and learn about the park’s otter surrogacy program helps recover the wild sea otter population.
  • Flamingo Cove – Learn and ask questions about raising flamingo babies from SeaWorld San Diego’s flamingo keepers. Guests can also take a photo at the new flamingo mound photo-frame backdrop and post with the hashtag #ParkToPlanet.
  • Mission Bay Theater lecture series:
    • June 1-2 (already passed) – Hear from OCEARCH Expedition Leader and Shark Tracker Fischer as he talks about his work in collecting previously unattainable data in the ocean.
    • June 8-9 – Listen to SeaWorld Rescue Team Member Westberg as she shares her experiences with baby animals, rescue, and her passion for wildlife conservation.

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