Legoland Florida Pirate River Quest attraction construction update

Legoland Florida Resort will celebrate the grand opening of its new Pirate River Quest family boat ride attraction on November 2, 2022. We got a first look at the final stages of construction for this new attraction!

Huge lego pirate ship set piece at the Lego Pirate River Quest attraction.

As you can see above, this will be a full-sized Lego adventure! We were surprised to see such large props installed in the waterways. And, while we were able to see portions of this attraction, this isn’t everything.

Adventurers will pass through a variety of scenes built into the park’s lush gardens as they help the Lego pirate crew search for Captain Redbeard’s treasure. Along the way, sailors will meet the pirate Calico Jade and a variety of exotic Lego creatures, including a flamboyance of flamingos, a troupe of mischief-making monkeys, and a fierce kraken.

Lego Pirate River Quest concept art.

Based off of this released media, we can assume the ship being attacked by the kraken is what we see in the first image. But, that is not all we were able to find.

Lego crocodile at the Lego Pirate River Quest attraction.

In the far off distance, we spotted this Lego crocodile. While not confirmed, we would assume its jaw will open and close when the boats come nearby.

Calico Jade and another Lego pirate standing above the water.

We can also see Calico Jade and another Lego pirate standing on a log or ship piece in the water.

Floating tethered pirate in the waterways of the Lego Pirate River Quest attraction.

Another Lego pirate was nearby, seemingly paddling away from the kraken attack. This boat was floating, but appeared tethered to the ground. We watched it move slightly back-and-forth in the water. The other in-water prop pieces did not appear to move at all, and may be permanently stuck to the ground.

Hidden monkey set piece, located next to lego treasure.

This set piece is a bit harder to see. But, this monkey was hidden by rocks and appears to have stolen some pirate treasure. The monkey was also making screeches and the occasion farting noise.

Lego Pirate River Quest boats at dock.

Lastly, we got a look at one of the partially uncovered boat vehicles. These look just like the concept images, so we can safely assume they are complete and ready to go. The Pirate River Quest voyage will take place along Legoland Florida’s natural waterways of Lake Eloise and the canals of the park’s historic Cypress Gardens.

Pirate River Quest Construction Update at Legoland Florida Resort

This new Legoland Florida attraction opens very soon. But, for now, you can experience the Brick Or Treat Halloween event happening on select days in the park.


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