Legoland introduces the world’s longest Lego Pride parade

by Samantha Davis-Friedman

Legoland Resorts and Discovery Centers are commemorating Pride Month with colorful celebrations in the streets of Miniland that, when combined, form the world’s longest Lego Pride parade at nearly 100 feet long.

Lego Pride Parade
Images courtesy of Legoland

When all the Lego Pride parade components are added up across the parks and Discovery Centers, more than 1,530 Lego Minilanders – along with Lego floats, flags, musicians, and more – are marching in celebration of Pride Month at Legoland California Resort, Legoland Florida Resort, Legoland New York Resort, and seven Legoland Discovery Centers in Columbus, Michigan, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Westchester.

At Legoland California Resort, Lego Minifigures march past the famous “Painted Ladies” houses in San Francisco; at Legoland Florida Resort, they hit the streets in the New York City area of Miniland; and at Legoland New York Resort, the Lego Pride parade begins at the newly constructed replica of Stonewall Inn.

In all, more than 250,000 Lego elements were used to create the colorful celebration of Pride across the U.S.

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