Madcap Motel delights Los Angeles with immersive experience to Elsewhere

Madcap Motel and your adventure to Elsewhere is now safely open in the Downtown Arts District of Los Angeles. Inside this 17,000-square-foot immersive experience, there are surprises waiting for you behind every door. Even after visiting the Madcap Motel website, it’s still a bit unclear as to what you’re getting yourself into. Rest assured, it’s worth it.

madcap motel elsewhere experience

As you enter this vintage-style “motel,” you’re greeted at the front desk and told that your room is being prepared. After lounging in the waiting room for a bit, you’ll be welcomed into what looks like a fairly standard motel room complete with a maid, waiting to assist you with further instructions. What you’ll soon learn is that this is no typical motel — you’ve entered a wormhole into Elsewhere.

elsewhere experience

The first several rooms of the experience are scripted, but beyond that, it truly is a world of exploration where you can spend as much time as you’d like before re-entering the real world. For most guests, it will be around a 60-minute experience.

madcap motel elsewhere experience

Some rooms you’ll encounter will include infinity mirrors with dancing lights, portholes with surprises inside, large rooms filled with projections, tubes of fog, floating furniture, and so much more. Most doorways leading to your various experiences are entered from the communal common area. But keep your eyes out for additional doorways within the various spaces that head toward secret adventures.

elsewhere experience

The selfie-filled experience gives you a feeling of childlike whimsy, where even if you can’t make sense of it all, it puts a smile on your face. It’s that feeling you once had as a kid on the playground, where the real world stops existing for a moment.

madcap motel elsewhere experience

To plan your own trip to Elsewhere, visit the Madcap Motel website at

Check out our video of the experience below:

Madcap Motel – A Portal To Elsewhere Experience in Los Angeles

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