Marvel 101 video series to educate about Marvel history

by Banks Lee

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Class is now in session. If you enjoy the Marvel movies, but need a refresher on all the characters you’ve seen and may see in the future, Marvel has your back. There’s now a way for you to learn all about Marvel Comics’ history of action, story lines and an ever expanding library.

Marvel is preseningt an all-new video series devoted to giving fans an educational deep dive into some of the most iconic Marvel Super Heroes, you may, or may not be, familiar with. Start taking notes – this is Marvel 101.

With new episodes made available every Tuesday on Marvel.com and on Marvel’s YouTube page, fans will be introduced to a one minute episode that offers a background crash course on a selected Marvel character, storyline, weapon, location and more. It’s your cram session for the Marvel Universe available in a quickly digestible short-form video.

With such a vast catalog of Marvel 101 content already scheduled for release on a weekly basis, fans are able to watch many videos devoted to the following list of Marvel heroes:

• Ant-Man
• Avengers
• Black Panther
• Black Widow
• Captain America – Steve Rogers
• Captain America – Sam Wilson
• Captain Marvel
• Daredevil
• Doctor Strange
• Guardians of the Galaxy
• Hulk
• Iron Man
• Jessica Jones
• Luke Cage
• Ms. Marvel
• Nova
• S.H.I.E.L.D.
• Scarlet Witch
• Spider-Man
• Thor

With Marvel 101 this is your chance to quickly explore some of the most popular characters of all time, or to simply take a refresher course on some of the most incredible entries within the Marvel library. Be sure to take notes – there may be a pop quiz.

Playlist: Marvel 101


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