Movie Review: ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business’ brings a new boss to town

The baby who means business is back; and it looks like it runs in the family.

boss baby

By Victoria Lim

The Boss Baby: Family Business,” the sequel to DreamWorks Animation’s Oscar-nominated 2017 hit, jumps a couple decades ahead of where we left off. It reunites the Templeton brothers, now adults, voiced by James Marsden as Tim and Alec Baldwin returns as the baby brother, Ted.

boss baby

New to the family is Tim’s wife Carol (Eva Longoria), brainiac whiz-kid daughter seven-year-old Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt) and cute baby Tina (Amy Sedaris). Tabitha and Tina both idolize their absent and ambitious Uncle Ted, especially Tina, who really takes after her uncle — suit and all. The whole family is brought together for the holidays and an event at Tabitha’s progressive school, led by Dr. Erwin Armstrong (Jeff Goldblum).

boss baby

Parents may chuckle watching as many of the concepts of the Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood come to life, perhaps recognizing the decisions they may have had to make finding and choosing every academic institution from daycare and preschool to colleges for their kids. The school assembly scene is reminiscent of what Disney imagineer friends have told me about productions at their own children’s elementary schools — is it a school or full-on broadway production?

Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel reprise their roles as the voices of Tim and Ted’s parents. You’ll also get a glimpse at Baby Corp 2021, which still pays shiny homage to the most legendary boss baby of all time: Ted.

boss baby

Several antics evoked belly laughs from my seven-year-old, and he remembered many references of the first film that are sprinkled throughout the sequel. Like the first one, the importance of family through celebrations and troubles is the theme. The voice acting is excellent, and the story is more than enough to keep the kids entertained and the parents from checking out.

“The Boss Baby: Family Business” is rated PG and hits theaters and streams on Peacock starting July 2.


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