Netflix’s ‘Karma’s World’ Happy Meal Toys at McDonald’s

From the Netflix kids-series, “Karma’s World,” a new line of McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys include activity books and pop-out 3D paper toys. Also available for a limited-time, kids can head to the Happy Meal website to play online games on a smartphone or tablet (with parents permission).

Karma's World Happy Meals Toys at McDonald's.

With info directly from the McDonald’s app, you can get three versions of Happy Meals, all each come with one toy. There is the Hamburger ($3.99 before tax), 4 Piece Chicken McNugget ($4.69 before tax) or the 6 Piece Chicken McNugget ($5.19 before tax) meal option.

Karma's World Happy Meals Toys activity sheet from McDonald's.
Click the picture above for the full PDF download of the “Karma’s World” activity sheet.

McDonald’s is also offering a free double-sided Karma’s World Happy Meal Toy activity sheet.

Karma's World Happy Meals Toys ad video from McDonald's.

On the Happy Meal website, McDonald’s showcases all of the toy options, their games, and activity posters. Every month or two, new collections are offered, so we expect this series will be gone by the end of April.

Which of these Karma’s World Happy Meal toys will you aim for? Do you search out these types of collectibles?


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