New forensic science exhibit opens at WonderWorks

by Banks Lee

WonderWorks forensic science exhibit

Want to learn a little of the science behind what forensic scientists do? Then make a trip WonderWorks on International Drive!

Their new interactive forensic experience adds a unique branch of science to the multitude of other hands on activities already offered. Guests of all ages will be able to experience the real work of a forensic scientist in the following three areas: fingerprint identification, 3D Facial reconstruction and facial recognition.

“This is our most exciting exhibit to date,” said Chief Operating Officer Janine Vaccarello. “We pride ourselves on ensuring that science education is a part of every exhibit we have. Forensic science is such a popular and interesting topic, we know our visiting families, schools, and locals will have the best time experiencing this new interactive!”

Forensic science is a growing topic in film and television as well as all levels of education. WonderWorks worked with many experts in the field to ensure an authentic and realistic experience for guests.

Dr. Dawnie Steadman, director of the Forensic Anthropology Center at the University of Tennessee, spoke on her enthusiasm for the exhibit. “The key to forensic science is practical experience and we are thrilled to have WonderWorks encouraging their guests to take an interest with this new exhibit,” Steadman said. “It will provide burgeoning forensic scientists of all ages the perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience to make the intricate aspects of forensic science more accessible.”

WonderWorks also worked with professionals from the National Center of Missing & Exploited Children, The National Museum of Crime & Punishment, 3DSystems, and FaceCheck during development. The exhibit brings a fresh and exciting component to WonderWorks while continuing to educate and entertain students and families alike.

To learn more about WonderWorks, visit WonderWorksOnline.com.


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