New look at San Fransokyo Square coming to Disneyland Resort

Disney has provided a new look at original concept art for San Fransokyo Square, the update to Pacific Wharf coming soon to Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort.

San Fransokyo
Images courtesy of Disneyland Resort

The San Fransokyo Public Works Department, part of the storyline for this updated area, is hard at work opening new spaces for guests. In fact, the Lucky Fortune Cookery and Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería will open in mid-July, ahead of the opening date. In the weeks following, additional dining and shopping options will be introduced as the seaside plaza continues to evolve.

San Fransokyo Gate Bride will be the area’s landmark

When the transformation is complete, locations across the area, from the Cappuccino Cart to The Bakery Tour, will be decked out in street art and colorful banners celebrating the Big Hero 6 team after their victory over Yokai.

San Fransokyo Bridge

The area’s landmark will be the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge, which will link San Fransokyo Square to the Paradise Gardens Park obelisk. Across the bridge, guests can catch a view of the floating wind turbine atop an old fishing net, powering the district from high in the sky. Clues to the area’s storied past can be found in the details throughout the square. 

Guests will also have the opportunity to interact with Hiro and his healthcare companion, Baymax who will say hello outside the Hamada Bot Shop.

Story-driven shopping and dining offerings

When the transformation iis completed this summer, guests will find signage in English, Japanese, and Spanish.

Near the Hamada Bot Shop will be the San Fransokyo Maker’s Market, a storefront stocked with unique apparel, homewares, and more featuring Baymax and friends. In the concept art below, the market’s shelves are situated on robot storage cases, with decommissioned battle bots on display.

San Fransokyo

Aunt Cass Café will serve soups in Boudin sourdough bread bowls and other items inspired by Japanese cuisine and Rita’s Turbine Blenders will be a giant drink dispenser offering margaritas and icy beverages. New menu items will also appear at Cocina Cucamonga and Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop.

San Fransokyo Square will open in Disney California Adventure park at Disneyland Resort, later this summer. More details are being revealed soon, as portions of this new land open early to the public.


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