New stage show debuts at SeaWorld


SeaWorld Orlando recently introduced a new theatrical performance, A’Lure, The Call of the Ocean, an aquatic tapestry combining athleticism, acrobats, and electronic visuals.

Set to a musical score recorded by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the 30-minute production takes guests on an journey through the ocean’s depths and mysteries, telling the tale of Sea Sirens, whose hypnotic calls have lured entranced fishermen into their underwater lairs for centuries.

A’Lure, The Call of the Ocean unfolds on stage before an oversized projection screen – creating an underwater world displaying animated images of interactive schools of fish, manta rays, and 25-foot sea serpents. Featuring a dozen acrobats from China, the mariner’s story comes to life with amazing aerial tumblers, scaling pole climbers, lyrical dancers, unicycle champions and diablo yo-yo performers. Daily performances can be seen in SeaWorld’s Nautilus Theater.

For more information on SeaWorld’s new show, including a look behind the scenes, check out the upcoming Dec./Jan. issue of Orlando Attractions Magazine.



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