New Ultimate Spider-Man comic explores Peter Parker’s life as a husband and father

A new Ultimate Spider-Man comic from Marvel arriving in January will explore the life of a Peter Parker we’ve never seen before as the iconic web-slinger is older, married, and a father to two kids.

The new Ultimate Spider-Man comic series explores Peter Parker's life as a married man and a father.
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“Ultimate Spider-Man #1” is all about meeting the Parkers – Peter and Mary Jane, one of the most iconic couples in pop culture. And in this series, they’re stronger than ever.

“When we decided that we were going to do a book about an older Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man, we really wanted to learn into him starting his super hero life from a very different place than what’s traditionally expected,” writer Jonathan Hickman said. “Peter and MJ being married is one of many decisions we made that underline this being quite a ‘different’ kind of Spider-man story.”

The Hickman-penned story kicks off on Jan. 10, 2024, with art and a cover by Marco Checchetto and a variant cover by Elizabeth Torque.

“Ultimate Spider-Man” is the debut line of Marvel’s new “Ultimate” series of comics.

Publisher’s summary:

After the events of ULTIMATE INVASION, the world needs a hero…who will rise up to take on that responsibility? Prepare to be entangled in a web of mystery and excitement as the all-new ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN comic redefines the wall-crawler for the 21st Century!

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