Nintendo construction makes huge leap at Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Hollywood in early 2023. Guests can expect a land filled with interactive moments, characters, retro music, and a high-tech Mario Kart ride. With these Nintendo construction photos, provided by Samantha Davis-Friedman, we can get an Upper Lot view of this colorful and energetic new land coming to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Nintendo construction ongoing at Universal Studios Hollywood for Super Nintendo World.

Upon completion, the portal above will take guests through a warp pipe into Super Nintendo World, coming out of Peach’s castle, with a view of Bowser’s castle and Mount Beanpole.

Upper lot overview of Super Nintendo World at USH, Universal Studios Hollywood.

This land will be different in offerings from the currently open version at Universal Studios Japan. This version will not have the Yoshi’s Adventure attraction. The land will also be laid out differently to accommodate the sizing restraints at Universal Studios Hollywood. But this doesn’t mean the land will not be incredibly popular and exciting. As you can already see, the colors and look of the Mario world is there.

Close-up on Bowser's Castle construction, with newly installed eye pieces.

A centerpiece of the Nintendo construction is Bowser’s Castle, with recently installed eye pieces. This will be the entrance to the Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge ride. It will be one of two castles in the land, as Peach’s castle will also be an iconic structure located within.

Piranha and pokey characters can be seen admist the Nintendo construction.

Speaking of Peach, you should be able to meet her in the land as well. Upon opening at Universal Studios Japan, Super Nintendo World boasted numerous interactive characters. Peach, Mario, Luigi, and Toad all have meet and greet locations in the Japan offering, and we expect that to be the same in Universal Studios Hollywood. But meet and greet characters aren’t the only things “alive” in this new land.

Guests will enter Super Nintendo World via a warp tunnel that will drop them off inside Peach's Castle.

Universal went to the next level with outdoor animatronics in Super Nintendo World. Guests can see piranha plants, goombas, thwomps, pokeys, and more all moving around in this land. As you can see from the Japan version, this makes the land feel so alive, with movement in every direction.

Mount Beanpole is the tallest point of this upcoming land. It is covered in lit-up and moving elements to make the land feel fully alive.

Admist the Nintendo construction, we can’t miss Mount Beanpole, which was our original structure to watch for construction in Japan. This is the highest peak in the land, topped with iconic flagpole from the Mario games.

First Look Inside Super Nintendo World and Bowser's Castle, Mario Kart Ride

We await more views inside the California version. But, for now, you can get a good idea of what’s to come in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood.

What will you do first inside this new land? Go and meet some characters? Try out the new food and drink options? Or run straight to the Mario Kart attraction? Let us know in the comments below.


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