Pandora – the World of Avatar connects back to Earth with ‘Connect to Protect’ mobile game

Immerse yourself even further in Pandora – the World of Avatar with the “Connect to Protect” mobile adventure game.

With Pandora – the World of Avatar only days away from its May 27 opening, Disney has announced yet another new way to immerse guests in the experience in the Valley of Mo’ara: “Connect to Protect,” a new mobile adventure game accessible through the My Disney Experience app.

“Connect to Protect” invites guests to support conservation endeavors on Earth and on Pandora, with conservation missions led by a digital scientist as their guide. Guests will explore the Valley of Mo’ara, as well as protect the habitats of animals on Earth.

Once guests enter the new land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a notification on their My Disney Experience app will invite them to instant message with Fitsimti “Fits” Buckley, one of Pandora’s ecological specialists. Fits will lead the guests on an adventure around the Valley, showing them Pandora’s beautiful environment and sharing information on conservation and how it can help both Earth and Pandora survive.

As one or more missions are completed, guests will be able to give a $10 donation from Disney Parks through the Disney Conservation Fund, or a $5 donation just for participating and discussing conservation efforts. The guests will be able to choose how the donation will be used to help save and protect the habitats of one of 10 groupings of animals: butterflies, coral reefs, monkeys, apes, rhinos, elephants, tigers, cranes, sea turtles and sharks and rays.

To take part in the “Connect to Protect” conservation game, download the My Disney Experience, and visit Pandora – the World of Avatar when it opens on May 27. Check out our latest video on Pandora’s bioluminescent environment below:


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