Photo Finds: A look at SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular 2011

SeaWorld’s annual Halloween Spooktacular is underway each weekend in October. All the trick or treating, characters and fun is included with admission to the park. It’s geared towards kids, but adults can have fun as well. We’ll have a full report in episode 47 of “Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show”, but below are some highlights from our visit last Saturday.

Here’s a look at some of the special merchandise available during the event. Notice the catfish and dogfish toys. Some of the characters you have been able to meet in past years have now made the merchandise.

After passing many candy stations along the Underwater Fantasea Path, you’ll see some themed games of skill with some neat prizes, such as these interesting Shamu plush toys.

Another game of skill that has some pumpkin fish as prizes. These games cost extra to play.

There are quite a few spots to meet the characters and watch as they put on a skit. This is a “school” of fish.

New this year is Penelope’s Party Zone. This area has lots for kids to do. Here’s Penelope telling the kids a story.

Drums which trigger the water fountains when kids hit them. (Penelope’s Party Zone)

A video-screen with a funhouse mirror effect. (Penelope’s Party Zone)

A place for the smallest kids to draw. (Penelope’s Party Zone)

Make and eat dipped apples. (extra cost) (Penelope’s Party Zone)

Ceramic sand art. (extra cost) (Penelope’s Party Zone)

Rollerskating characters. (Penelope’s Party Zone)

Meet the big guy himself, Shamu. Many other characters were available in Penelope’s Party Zone as well.

The Longshoremen always perform in the park, but this time of year they have a special Halloween show where they try to carve pumpkins.

As you can see, they get very messy. Look for our interview with them in episode 47 of Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show.

Besides what we’ve shown you here, there are many “Trick-or-Treat Sea Sweets” and Halloween decorations around the park. There’s also a special Halloween Sesame Street show. Arrive at least a half-hour early to ensure a seat.

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  1. I wish Sea World offered their Halloween event earlier, like Disney World. It looks great! I am planning to visit Orlando late Sept. 2012 into early Oct. 2012.