Ripley’s Believe It or Not updates and adds many new exhibits

What do an 8-foot long fish, a 7-legged sheep and a mural made from 8,500 playing cards have in common? They’re all new exhibits in a revamped Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Orlando Odditorium.

Visitors will find dozens of amazing new exhibits, including:

• A Peel Trident car (the smallest production car in the world) (above)
• A portrait of singer Beyonce made entirely from candy
• A “Wall-E” robot replica made from car parts
• A 25-foot high mural of Jimi Hendrix made from more than 8,500 playing cards (right)
• A very rare fossil of a T-Rex foot and lower leg
• Multiple miniatures that visitors can view through a magnifying glass
• A stuffed Alligator Gar that measures more than 8 feet long
• A balloon-powered chair that flew over the Rocky Mountains
• A dog sculpture made entirely of clothes pins
• New optical illusions, word puzzles and brain teasers
• Several new wax figures that visitors can take photos with
• A new shooting gallery for visitors to take aim and fire at different odd targets

In addition to all the new exhibits, there are new flat-panel televisions that broadcast video oddities and behind-the-scenes stories, and new display cards for all the exhibits. New lighting, paint and carpet give the Orlando attraction a whole new feel.

“Our guests will find exciting, new oddities and displays at every turn, as well as our long-time, favorite exhibits, like the rotating tunnel and pool table where balls roll uphill,” said Joe Kasinski, director of sales and marketing for Ripley’s Orlando.

Renovations will continue with additional oddities added in the coming weeks.


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