New Ripple Maker foam technology adds Mickey Mouse to your coffee at Disney Springs

Mickey Mouse stands proud on a foam layer outside of Tea Traders Café in Disney Springs.

Joffrey’s Tea Traders Café at Disney Springs has unveiled a brand new way to add Disney magic to every drink. Using the new Ripple Maker technology, Tea Traders Café can print right onto the foam atop your drink. 

Now unveiled at Disney Springs, Ripple Maker technology can add images on top of numerous drinks. The Tea Traders Café, located next to The Boathouse in The Landing area of Disney Springs, is currently the only Joffery’s location to offer this special enhancement.


Foam designs can be either Mickey, Minnie, Disney Springs logo, or Joffrey’s logo.

At the time of original posting, four foam designs are currently offered, vintage Mickey, vintage Minnie, Disney Springs’ logo, or Joffrey’s logo. Ripple Maker is offered on tea lattes, coffee and frozen drinks. In total it costs .50 cents to Disney-fy your drink and the process takes 20 seconds. Looking at the barista’s screen, it appears there is plenty of possibility to add more designs in the future.

Foam Minnie rests upon a Disney-fied drink, photo by Disney Parks Blog.
Mickey Mouse on your Coffee at Disney Springs

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