Scream-a-Geddon returns to Tampa with terrifying new ‘Ravenhill Asylum’

Scream-a-Geddon makes a terrifying return to Tampa Bay beginning Sept. 11. Nestled deep within 60 acres of woods, this Halloween event offers six unique haunted houses and interactive experiences.

Photo courtesy of Scream-a-Geddon

By Kayla Springmyer

This year, Ravenhill Asylum will make its debut at the event. The brand-new attraction is themed around an asylum that was forced to shut its doors in 1993, and its chief psychiatrist who locked all patients inside to prevent the horrors within from being discovered.

Returning attractions include Deadwoods, Blackpool Prison, Rage 3D, Demon’s Revenge and Zombie Paintball Assault. In Zombie Paintball Assault, guests board an old school bus loaded with paint guns, and shoot at zombies from the windows as the bus drives around the property. This experience is not included in the price of admission.

Horror Returns for 2020 | SCREAM-A-GEDDON

Scream-a-Geddon also offers guests the option to choose an interactive experience in some of its haunted houses. Guests who opt in will be separated from their group and thrust into the horror, making for a far more immersive experience.

Monster’s Midway is a central hub with food, drinks and games for guests. Alcoholic beverages are available to purchase throughout the event at Bonzo’s Beer Garden.

Scream-a-Geddon runs Sept. 11 – Nov. 1, and ticket prices start at $21.95. To learn more about Scream-a-Geddon, visit


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  1. Bout time they updated this house. They had really cool houses at first, but then they just kept reusing them like 3 years & letting things break (or stopped using effects) like the fire balls on the haunted hayride. The only thing scary about the prison house was the body odor & breath of the actors, which was my only reason for not wanting to do the “touch” experience. They just bruise your arm & scream in your face…no matter how not scared you obviously were. As if screaming louder & spitting would all of the sudden do the trick. lol