Scream n’ Stream drive-thru haunted attraction gets a new Florida location

Scream n’ Stream drive-thru haunted road will be even bigger in 2022 due to its new location at the Florida Mall and an expansion that includes added experiences in a new area, “The Lobby.”

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Seeking scares from the comfort of your own car? Scream n’ Stream is returning to the Orlando area for the third year in a row, with a move to the Florida Mall that allows for an expanded drive-thru immersion into terror and even more frightful activities in “The Lobby.”

This year, when guests check in for the haunted road, they’ll enter “The Lobby,” where they can purchase exclusive merchandise, take selfies with scareactors, create their own TikToks, and, for an added fee, have their fortune told during a private session or try the extra-sensory attraction, “Blackout.”

“Blackout” pits guests against their deepest fears when they enter a space of total darkness, while blindfolded. Let the terror begin.

After check-in, each car will enter an area designed like a theme park dark ride, including special lighting, fog effects, and eerie audio, and will pass through a succession of seven themed “zones.”

While in each zone, the story unfolds as monsters discover the intruders (you) and all sorts of mayhem is unleashed.

Progression from zone to zone is controlled by stoplights, so passengers are held in each zone for a period of time. The full experience takes between 15-20 minutes.

Scream n’ Stream haunted road is a contactless Halloween-inspired encounter. Passengers remain in their car throughout the drive, and monsters cannot touch the car.

The drive-thru experience runs from October 1-31, 2022. General admission starts at $74.24 per car (up to eight passengers per ticket). VIP admission allows guests to skip the wait to enter the drive-thru.

While there is no age limit for entry, it is suggested guests be ages six and up.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Stream and Scream Halloween Drive Through Experience Orlando

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