SeaWorld launches their first mobile game, ‘Turtle Trek’

Earlier today, SeaWorld launched their first ever mobile game, ‘Turtle Trek’. Based off the new attraction at SeaWorld Orlando, the game takes you through the life of a young sea turtle letting you guide him along the way.

Turtle Trek is a fun and free game download for your iPhone and iPad. Start your journey on the beach as a newborn sea turtle. As you grow up and swim the ocean, you’ll meet friends and learn fun facts about them. Dodge predators like sharks, sea gulls and the ferocious barracuda. Outfit your turtle with customized shells like the Rosebud or Hot Rod shell. Power-up with pendants and boosts. Survive long enough to meet all 21 friends, including Shamu, to complete your sticker book.

Download the Turtle Trek game free now by  clicking here. Additional content also is available for in-app purchase. A portion of all proceeds from in-app purchases go to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund to benefit animals around the world. For more information on SeaWorld’s commitment to turtle conservation visit:


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