SeaWorld Parks’ Inside Look returns for more behind-the-scenes experiences

Guests visiting any of SeaWorld’s three parks in the U.S. can now go behind-the-scenes for an all-access look into the habitats of their favorite animals with the return of Inside Look.

inside look

This event returns to all three SeaWorld parks on the following dates:

  • SeaWorld Orlando: Jan. 8-17 (weekends only)
  • SeaWorld San Antonio: Jan. 8-9, 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • SeaWorld San Diego: Jan. 8-30 (Saturdays and Sundays)

During Inside Look, guests can visit experience locations throughout the parks where animal care experts will share specifics about the parks’ mission to provide care to its animals, to rescue animals in need, and to help rehabilitate them so they can return to the wild. Guests will also learn how they can do their part in protecting animals and the environment.

To learn more about Inside Look for each park, click the links below.

Inside Look at SeaWorld Orlando

Inside Look at SeaWorld San Antonio

Inside Look at SeaWorld San Diego


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