SeaWorld's Upcoming New Coaster: Manta?


Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure fan site, IOACentral.com is reporting information, with concept artwork, for what appears to be SeaWorld’s upcoming new coaster.

From ioacentral.com:

A reader has just sent in a set of what appears to be conceptual artist renderings of the still unannounced coaster making its way to SeaWorld Orlando in 2009. The attraction rumored to be called “Manta” is a flying coaster that sends riders through twists and turns all on their stomach. The coaster has a sting-ray theme, and judging by these photos, will be built over a waterfront, and even at one point splash riders down into the lagoon below.



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casey smith June 24, 2008 - 8:53 pm

i think this ride will be cool when i go to seaworld. it will be the first ride ill go to!!


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