See what it’s like to drop 335 feet face down at 60 mph on Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens

by Matt Roseboom

Falcons fury dropping

Not sure if you’re going to be able to ride Falcon’s Fury when it open next month? Busch Gardens Tampa released a point-of-view video today that will either make you say, “Oh yeah, I can do that” or “No way are you getting me on that!”. Take a look and see what you say.

Falcon’s Fury is a drop ride with a twist, literally. The ride slowly takes you up to about 335 feet, offering a great view of not only Busch Gardens, but all of Tampa.

falcon's fury view As you rise (or watch the video below), if you’re facing the right direction, you’ll see the Downtown Tampa skyscrapers appear in the distance. This is the view you’ll see when you reach the top. If you’re afraid of heights, you won’t like what comes next.


falcon's fury face down view This is the next view you’ll have after your seat twists forward, facing you straight down to the ground. Then after a variable amount of time you’ll … well, just watch the video to see what comes next:

Falcon's Fury POV Drop ride-through at Busch Gardens Tampa

If you ride, don’t expect it to be that quiet of a drop. You’ll most likely hear plenty of screams, if you’re not screaming too loud to drown them out.

No worries if you decide the video was enough for you. Falcon’s Fury is located in a newly remodeled area of the park called Pantopia. Here you’ll find new entertainment, shops, restaurants and more.

Falcon’s Fury was supposed to open on May 1, 2014, but that date may have to be pushed back further into May. But the other areas of Pantopia will open on time. Stay tuned. We will have a first-hand report of our experience riding Falcon’s Fury on “Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show” just as soon as we’re able to ride, and draw straws on who has to ride.


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